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UTA CARES Grant Program

Information on grants that support the adoption, modification, and creation of open educational resources (OER) at UTA.

Affordable Adoption Stipends

Affordable Adoption Stipends provide support for instructors to redesign a course by incorporating low- or zero-cost course materials. Adoption projects focus not only on selection of appropriate affordable resources but also on modifying teaching materials--such as syllabi, assignments, and exams--to effectively use the selected resources. Affordable Adoption Stipend recipients can receive up to $300 in funding for a low-cost course or $800 in funding for a zero-cost course.

OER Modification Grants

OER Modification Grants provide support for authors to customize existing resources to produce a new OER. The resulting resource will likely contain some original content but will primarily be a revision or reuse of an existing resource. Projects that fit this grant category may take many forms but could include producing a derivative of one existing OER by making significant revisions or producing a new OER by piecing together chapters from multiple resources. OER Modification Grant recipients can receive up to $5,000 in funding.

OER Creation Grants

OER Creation Grants provide support for the production of an OER textbook or other teaching resource that consists of a majority of original content. Authors may or may not choose to incorporate existing OER content into their project. OER Creation Grant recipients can receive up to $10,000 in funding.