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UTA CARES Grant Program

Information on grants that support the adoption, modification, and creation of open educational resources (OER) at UTA.

NEW! Grant Updates for 2023

Spring grant deadline extended! Applications are now due Wednesday, March 22.

UTA CARES Grant - Changes for 2023

New grant awards

In 2023, applicants will be able to submit applications for projects in three categories:

  • Affordable Adoption Stipends provide support for instructors to redesign a course by incorporating low- or zero-cost course materials. Adoption projects focus not only on selection of appropriate affordable resources but also on modifying teaching materials--such as syllabi, assignments, and exams--to effectively use the selected resources. Affordable Adoption Stipend recipients can receive up to $300 in funding for a low-cost course or $800 in funding for a zero-cost course.
  • OER Modification Grants provide support for authors to customize existing resources to produce a new OER. The resulting resource will likely contain some original content but will primarily be a revision or reuse of an existing resource. Projects that fit this grant category may take many forms but could include producing a derivative of one existing OER by making significant revisions or producing a new OER by piecing together chapters from multiple resources. OER Modification Grant recipients can receive up to $5,000 in funding.
  • OER Creation Grants provide support for the production of an OER textbook or other teaching resource that consists of a majority of original content. Authors may or may not choose to incorporate existing OER content into their project. OER Creation Grant recipients can receive up to $10,000 in funding.

New application deadlines

The spring 2023 deadline for grant applications will be Monday, March 20 (extended to Wednesday, March 22). Applicants who plan to pilot their new course materials in fall 2023 must submit their applications before this deadline.

Applicants who plan to pilot their new course materials in spring 2024 or later may submit applications before the spring deadline or wait until the fall semester deadline (Monday, October 9).

Please email the OER Department with any questions about the grant program or application process.

As colleges and universities across the country seek ways to make education more affordable and increase student success, a growing number of educators are adopting open educational resources (OER). OER are free teaching and learning materials that are licensed to allow for revision and reuse The cost of commercial textbooks and other resource packages, which has been rising at an unsustainable rate for decades, demands exploration of alternative publishing models. Teachers, authors, and other stakeholders have responded, resulting in a large corpus of educational materials suitable for courses at a variety of levels in nearly every discipline.

UTA Coalition for Alternative Resources in Education for Students


The UTA CARES Grant Program, sponsored by UTA Libraries, was established in 2017 to support educators interested in practicing open education through the adoption of OER and, when no suitable open resource is available, through the creation of new OER or the adoption of library-licensed or other free content.  Additionally, the program promotes innovation in teaching and learning through the exploration of open educational practices, such as collaborating with students to produce educational content of value to a wider community.

All awards are competitive.