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UTA CARES Grant Program: Recipients

Information on grants that support the adoption, modification, and creation of open educational resources (OER) at UTA.

2020 Grant Recipients

2020 Press Release - UTA Libraries Awards Four Faculty with UTA CARES Funds for OER Adoption and Creation

Project Lead Department Award Type Project Description
Leslie Jennings Nursing Innovation Grant

"Strategies for Success in Nursing School: From Start to Finish"

The Nursing Student Success Manual creators ask for assistance in adapting/creating a textbook that instructors will use for all sections of UNIV-NU 1131 in nursing. This course gives nursing students the skills needed to succeed in the nursing program at UTA. There is no current, nursing-specific textbook for this course; the only available text was published in 2007. Therefore, the project members will spend considerable time creating content while adapting existing texts to suit their needs. To accomplish this task, project members seek a UTA CARES Innovation Grant. The project lead, Leslie Jennings, will use these funds to compensate project members for their contributions to the textbook.

Dr. Tiffany Kindratt

Kinesiology Innovation Grant

"Big Data for Epidemiology: Development of Applied Data Analysis Skills using National Health Surveys"

This proposal is to develop an open textbook for a new course in the Master of Public Health program. The textbook will also be used to train students who volunteer and work in Dr. Kindratt’s Health Services Research Lab. To fulfill Aim 1, the open textbook will be written and developed in Summer 2020 and produced through Mavs Open Press in Fall 2020. To fulfill Aim 2, the textbook will be used for training MPH (and highly skilled upper-level BSPH) students who work/volunteer in Dr. Kindratt’s Health Services Research Lab and will be the course textbook for “Big Data for Epidemiology,” a new 5000-level course that will be available for MPH students to enroll in Spring 2021.

Dr. Atefe Makhmalbaf Architecture Innovation Grant

"Development, Adoption, and Assessment of OER to Enhance Building Information Modeling Courses"

The main objectives of this project are to: (1) develop and adopt an open education platform for Architecture and Civil Engineering students, (2) provide students with adequate, coherent, consistent, and cost-saving educational resources, and (3) assess the impact of adopting this platform in architecture pedagogy. The building information modeling (BIM) courses at the School of Architecture and Civil Engineering Department are selected for this project.

Julian Rodriguez Communication Innovation Grant

"Producción de Noticias Televisivas en Español en Estados Unidos de América"

This is the first and only textbook focusing on Spanish-language television news production in the United States. It is written in Spanish and includes American and cross-cultural terminology adaptations innate to the Hispanic media industry. Universities across the United States and Latin America (e.g. Arizona State University, University of Florida, California State University-Fullerton, Universidad Anahuac Mayab [Mexico], Universidad Javeriana [Colombia]) are interested and awaiting its release to beta test the first edition during the Spring 2020 semester.

Karen Magruder

Social Work Adoption Stipend

"Creating Green Social Work Curriculum with OER"

The purpose of this project is to develop OER curriculum and materials for the School of Social Work’s new course: SOCW 5392- Selected Topics in Social Welfare: Green Social Work. Avoiding adopting an existing textbook will save students money and prevent the creation of physical materials, thus reducing the carbon footprint of the course. The funds will support creation of the syllabus, course assignments, and course delivery method that support OER content.

Dr. Carter Tiernan Computer Science and Engineering Adoption Stipend

"OER for Introductory Programming Classes"

Develop a suite of resources for students in CSE 1310 Introduction to Programming courses that can replace the current E-book. Resource suite will include a textbook but also supporting resources that address the needs and styles of current learners including video, online practice, and 24/7 support services if possible. Initial pilot will be in Dr. Tiernan's Fall CSE 1310 class with a usual enrollment of 150. If useful and adequate, this pilot resource suite would be spread to all sections of CSE 1310 with a total enrollment averaging around 400 students.

Dr. Cornelia Winguth Earth and Environmental Sciences Adoption Stipend

"Adopting OER for Introduction to Oceanography"

In this project I plan to adjust the curriculum and develop teaching materials for my GEOL 1350 (Introduction to Oceanography) class in Fall 2020 in order to match with the open textbook “Introduction to Oceanography” by Paul Webb. Most topics are covered extensively enough in the book, but I will assemble my own units on the role of the ocean in the climate system and on the human impact on the ocean and its ecosystems. The adoption of an open resource will ensure that all students have immediate and equitable access and will not have to delay the purchase of the textbook due to their financial situation, hereby improving student engagement and success.

2019 Grant Recipients

2019 Press Release - UTA Libraries Awards Five OER Grants

Project Lead Department Award Type Project Description

Dr. Kimberly Breuer and Dr. Scott Palmer

History Innovation Grant

"Introduction to Historical Methods OER Project"

Development of an original, open educational resources (OER) for the History Department’s foundational undergraduate offering HIST 3300 “Introduction to Historical Research” plus the department's UNIV 1101 offering (courses are tied  together). A collaborative project utilizing the departmental faculty to produce chapters and sections leveraging Pressbooks with Canvas and other apps such as ,embedded videos, and interactive assignments and activities. This OER will fill a gap in available open materials for Historical Methods (there are no OER available) and chapters/sections of this OER textbook will also be used throughout the History curriculum, from freshman US History surveys (core courses) to graduate level courses.

Dr. Kenton Rambsy and Peace Ossom-Williamson English and Kinesiology Innovation Grant

"The Data Notebook: An Interactive Introduction to Data"

We request a UTA CARES Innovation Grant for a 12-month project to support the creation of The Data Notebook— an open access course-book (and related collection of multimedia resources) that will provide instructional materials for data analytics and data visualization approaches relevant to a wide range of humanities and science disciplines at UTA.

Dr. Malgosia Wilk-Blaszczak Biology Innovation Grant

"Improving Engagement in Online Classes through Use of Pressbooks Interactive Tools"

The objective of this project is to create an openly licensed Histology textbook that utilizes Pressbooks’ built-in annotation tools to increase students’ engagement with the images and helps them develop and refine their higher order thinking skills in pattern recognition, particularly with microscopic images. This book will be module based to simplify and expedite the implementation of 5R practices of Open Educational Resources (OER) and make it easy for faculty to remix, reuse, revise and redistribute OER content while encouraging customization of material by the adopting instructor.

Dr. Rebecca Mauldin

Social Work Scale Grant

"Adopting OER for Research Methods Classes across the BSW and MSW Programs"

This project will coordinate OER textbook adoption and implementation for Research Methods courses across the Bachelor of Social Work and Master of Social Work programs in the School of Social Work (SOCW 3308 and SOC 5308). It will include updating course syllabi, course materials, and Canvas course shells and training instructors on OER and implementation of the textbook.

Ms. Aida Allen Mathematics Adoption Stipend

"Introducing the OER to Business Math"

The purpose of this project is to eliminate the Pearson access for course assignments along with the in-class workbook which will save students a total expense of $110 in Math 1315 co-requisite model. Instead I plan to adopt the available free resources from the UTA Library, a free web-based math program developed by the MAA (webmath), and built-in homework assignments in Canvas that I will be developing over summer. The revision will include modification of the syllabus, course assignments (homework and quizzes), and course delivery method. I hope this adoption to be a gateway for more future adoptions of the OER in Math 1315. Later, I would like to foster collaborative environment with my students and write OER materials for this course for other faculty to use.

Dr. Bonnie Boardman

Industrial, Manufacturing, & Systems Engineering

Adoption Stipend

"Introduction to Industrial Engineering OER"

I would like to create an OER Pressbooks "text" for IE 1205, Introduction to Industrial Engineering. The first step would be to turn an existing open license pdf into a Pressbooks, interactive text.

Dr. Ashley Lemke

Sociology and Anthropology

Adoption Stipend

"Open Access Introduction to Archaeology Textbook"

Introduction to Archaeology is a fundamental course taught each semester which introduces students to the study of prehistory and past human cultures. The students in this course would benefit greatly from zero cost materials as a textbook is required; previous students in this course have told me they have been unable to purchase the book. There is currently no completed, open access textbook for this course or topic available so I propose to work with the Social Sciences Librarian Brooke Troutman to create an open access book in PressBook format of openly licensed materials and original content.

2018 Grant Recipients

2018 Press Release - UTA Libraries Funds Five Educators to Lower Textbook Costs

Project Lead Department Award Type Project Description

Dr. Habib Ahmari

Civil Engineering Innovation Grant

"Developing and Implementing an Open Access Multimedia Platform to Enhance Teaching Fluid Mechanics Lab"

The proposed project seeks to transform the traditional teaching Fluid Mechanics Lab, a Civil Engineering (CE) junior level course, by devising a Web-based multimedia platform. This platform will provide open access support for students and include customized lab manuals, educational videos, and an interactive lab report preparation toolkit. The project will be carried out by a faculty-student team comprised of Dr. Habib Ahmari, one graduate student, and three undergraduate students.

Dr. Theresa Jorgensen

Mathematics Adoption Stipend

"Utilizing OER Resources to Strengthen the Student Experience in Geometry"

This project will support the revision of Geometry 3301 to transition to OER materials. The revision will include modification of the syllabus, course assignments, and course delivery method.

Dr. Andrew Milson

History Adoption Stipend

"Open Human Geography: Free Classic Readings and Wiki Education"

The purpose of this project is to eliminate the required textbook ($97) for GEOG 2302: Human Geography and to adopt freely-available resources in its place. For each of the topics in the course, students will read a "classic" article or book chapter that is available through UTA Libraries e-journal and e-book collection or through the web. Additionally, students will access UTA library resources and open access resources as they create and edit Wikipedia pages for a course project.

Dr. Ignacio Ruiz-Pérez

Modern Languages Innovation Seed

"Creating an Open Access Chapter for Spanish 3315: Composition through Literature"

The purpose of this project is to create the first two chapters of an open textbook for SPAN 3315: Composition through Literature. The selected chapter will include two main topics (“Los vicios de dicción” [The Stylistic Vices] and “Los falsos cognados” [False Cognates]) with a set of exercises to enhance the student learning. In addition, we will select a literary reading (an essay) related to the topics under discussion. This set of open-access resources will allow Spanish students to have a more personalized and effective learning experience adjusted to the specific challenges they encounter in today’s global world.

Dr. Christy Spivey

Economics Adoption Stipend

"OER Adoption in an Economics Data Analysis Capstone Course"

I am developing a new course for the Economics BS program, ECON 4318: Economic Data Analysis Capstone, to be taught for the first time in Fall 2018. A major focus of this course will be a data analysis project, which will require students to answer an economic question using real data and to communicate the findings in a way that is understandable to a non-Economics major. I plan to use Wiki Education and open source materials from Tableau, the data visualization software, for the project.

2017 Grant Recipients

Project Lead Department Course(s) Impacted Project Description
Dr. Sharareh Kermanshachi Civil Engineering Civil Engineering 5350

"Development of Web-Based Interactive Educational System Replacing Traditional Textbook-Based Instructional Approach"

This project develops a web-based interactive educational system to replace a traditional textbook-based instructional approach. It is aimed to reduce the high cost of commercial print textbooks for both students and parents and implement the proposed educational system in the graduate level CE 5350-Risk Management class. As most of the students in the Construction Management Master’s program are international students, creation of an OER will significantly contribute to the academic success of CE Department students.
Bret Lathwell Sociology Sociology 1311

"Multi Media and other Supplementals to Facilitate Adoption of an existing OER Textbook"

This project will create podcasts, videos, and chapter summaries published under the CC BY license to supplement an existing OpenStax textbook. The materials will provide crucial support to the textbook by providing students with mobile friendly multi media content free of charge, which will both save the students money and increase academic performance.
Dr. Mohan Pant Curriculum & Instruction Education 5394 and Education 5397

"Educational Statistics Using R and R Commander"

The proposed textbook will employ an inductive reasoning approach to teach concepts of statistics using data from education. The text will introduce R (free statistical software) and R commander (a graphical interface for R) to assist learners with graphing and analyzing data. Relevant statistical concepts and their usefulness will be included with each activity.
Alicia Soueid Modern Languages French 2314

"Content-Based French Language: An OER Creation Project"

The proposed intermediate-level French textbook will incorporate material and resources from multiple domains, including business, history, the arts, and the sciences. It will be used in a bridge course that prepares students for upper-level French coursework.