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Zotero Guide

UTA Libraries' guide to the citation management tool Zotero

Step 1: Download Zotero and create an account

1. Download the Zotero desktop client at

Zotero Download Links

2. Enable Zotero Connector for your Internet browser (available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari) also at The Connector is not currently available in Safari 13.

3. Create a free Zotero account online at

Register for Zotero

4. After creating your Zotero account, open the Zotero desktop client.

5. Then open the Zotero Preferences menu by clicking on "Edit" and then clicking on "Preferences".

6. Then click on the "Sync" tab. Enter your Zotero username and password.


  • Some of Zotero's features are only available online, such as syncing, groups, posting to its support forums, and sharing your library online.
  • Zotero's sync feature uses cloud storage to back up your library (for free, up to 300 MB) and make it accessible from multiple computers. This will allow you to use Zotero on both a work computer and a personal laptop and sync your account across both computers. You can also access your library online at from any computer, regardless of whether it has the Zotero application installed or not.


This LibGuide was developed, with permission, from the Michigan State University Zotero LibGuide and the "Migrating Citations from RefWorks to Zotero" page of the University of Minnesota RefWorks Transition website.