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Zotero Guide

UTA Libraries' guide to the citation management tool Zotero

Creating a shared library in Zotero

1. To create a shared library in Zotero, first navigate to

2. Click the blue "Log In" button.

3. Login to Zotero with your credentials (your username or e-mail with your password).

4. In the bar of links at the top of the page, click "Groups," the second option from the left.

5. This will open a page on the Zotero website, outside of your library, called "Zotero Groups." Click on the blue "Create a New Group" button just below the title of the page.

6. Type a name for your new group and select the membership type you wish:

  • Public, open membership
  • Public, closed membership
  • Private membership

7. To add a member, click on the blue "Members Settings" button beneath the title of your group library.

8. To invite other Zotero users to join your shared library, click the blue "Send More Invitations" button under the "Member Invitations" heading.

9. Type the e-mail address of the Zotero user you would like to add to your group library in the text-entry field under the "Invite Members" heading and click the red "Invite Members" button.

10. The Zotero user invited will then be displayed under "Member Invitations." When they accept the invitation, they will be displayed alongside your account in "Current Members."

11. When you return to your online Zotero library ("Web Library"), your new group library will be visible in the left hand navigation pane, under the heading "Group Libraries" (below the "My Library" section). This will also be true of your Zotero desktop client, although it may take a few minutes to sync before your new group library displays there as well.


This LibGuide was developed, with permission, from the Michigan State University Zotero LibGuide and the "Migrating Citations from RefWorks to Zotero" page of the University of Minnesota RefWorks Transition website.