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UTA CARES Grant Program

Information on grants that support the adoption, modification, and creation of open educational resources (OER) at UTA.

OER Creation Grants

OER Creation Grants provide support for the production of an OER textbook or other teaching resource that consists of a majority of original content. Authors may or may not choose to incorporate existing OER content into their project. OER Creation Grant recipients can receive up to $10,000 in funding.

Apply for an OER Creation Grant if...

  • No existing OER exists on the topic of your course.
  • The modifications you plan to make to an existing OER will result in a majority of original content.
  • Your project incorporates elements beyond a traditional textbook (e.g., open pedagogy, original videos).

OER Creation Grant Requirements

Requirements for OER Creation Grants include (but are not limited to):

  • At the close of the grant project, the total cost for required course materials in the specified course must be $0.
  • The resource(s) produced by the grant project must be made publicly available with an open license of the author's choice.
  • Project proposals must include time and budget (when appropriate) for copy editing.
  • Grantees must:
    • Submit monthly project updates to grant administrators for the duration of the project to report on progress.
    • Attend one Introduction to Pressbooks workshop and one Introduction to Accessibility workshop prior to the project’s publication.
    • Submit a final project report summarizing the challenges and accomplishments of the project and its impact on student performance. The report shall include any data that assist in measuring the impact of the project. This report is due within three months following the implementation semester.
    • Continue to use the OER (or another free equivalent) for a minimum of four years.

OER Department logoQuestions?

Email the OER Department for help if your project doesn't seem to fit into the grant categories or if you can't meet listed grant requirements.