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Open Education at UTA: Syllabus Guide

If you've adopted OER in your courses, it's important to clearly communicate this to students as early as possible. Below is sample language you may include in your syllabus. It can be helpful to spend a few minutes on the first day of class discussing course materials and the options students have in accessing the required resources.

Communicating About OER with Your Students

Sample Syllabus Language

Your textbook for this class is an open educational resource (OER), meaning it is available for free online. You can access the web version of the text from (you do not have to login). Visit the book’s landing page to download the text for free in the format that works best for you (including PDF, MOBI, and EPUB). The OER is openly licensed and DRM-free, so you may also print individual chapters or the entire text without restrictions. If you prefer, you may opt to purchase a professionally bound print version at a low cost from the UTA Bookstore. Share how use of free and open educational resources impacted you at