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Open Education at UTA: Home

In 2017, the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) Libraries launched a program to increase awareness of the transformative power of open education. We believe open education reduces barriers, empowers learners, and connects the academy to the world that it serves. The Libraries provide support, including sponsoring a grant program, for faculty and staff interested in exploring open education through the practice of open pedagogy and/or through the adoption or creation of open educational resources (OER).

Open Education Week 2019

UTA Libraries and the Center for Research on Teaching and Learning Excellence hosted Open Education Day at UTA on March 7, 2019. Resources from the day's events are linked below.

Introduction to OER

We’ll define open educational resources (OER), examine the impact of OER use in higher education, discuss copyright and open licensing, and explore avenues for identifying existing OER that can be remixed and reused. The presentation will cover updates on federal and state OER initiatives and highlight support for open educational practices at UTA, including access to and technical support for Pressbooks, a web-based publishing platform.

Presenter: Michelle Reed, Open Education Librarian, UTA Libraries.

Slides and Slide Notes

Marginalia: Web Annotation for Engaged Teaching and Learning

As educational resources are increasingly offered online, students are doing more reading on digital devices. How can educators encourage meaningful engagement with these digital texts? How can we facilitate discourse between students and help our students connect their academic experiences to life outside the classroom? In this virtual presentation, guest presenters will discuss open source tools that support web annotation and explore examples of how these tools have been used to promote collaboration, deep reading, and connected learning.

Presenters: Jeremy Dean, Director of Education,, and Steel Wagstaff, Educational Client Manager, Pressbooks

Slides and Transcript

Recording of Steel Wagstaff and Jeremy Dean's live webinar on the potential of web annotation as an educational tool.

Introduction to Pressbooks

In this hands-on session, we’ll review examples of OER created using Pressbooks and explore features of the web-based publishing platform, including importing and exporting content, cloning, adding images, formatting text, embedding multimedia, and incorporating interactive content. If you do not already have a UTA Pressbooks account, please request Sandbox access prior to the event.

Presenters: Brittany Griffiths, Publishing Specialist, UTA Libraries, and Kartik Mann, OER Publishing Student Assistant, UTA Libraries


Video Introduction to Open Education

Dr. Robin DeRosa explains the transformative benefits of open education.

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UTA CARES Grant Program

UTA Libraries are now accepting proposals for the UTA CARES Grant Program. OER adoption stipends of $1,000 each will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis beginning immediately. Additional grant funding of up to $10,000 per project is available to support innovative open education projects. Grant applications are due by March 31.

Additional Information

Contents of this guide were shaped by the work of Dr. David Wiley, who reminds us that education is about sharing, and Dr. Robin DeRosa, who gave us the phrase, open education is "about reducing barriers to education, empowering learners, and connecting the academy to the world that it serves."