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Scholarly Impact Report


Scimago captures similar metrics and includes more journals that are indexed in JCR. If you are unable to find a particular journal in JCR, you’ll likely find it in Scimago. 

On the journal’s page in Scimago, you’ll notice that the H-Index is the main metric listed. You are free to grab that metric, but we’ll be looking at the H5-Index in Google Scholar, which is a slightly better metric. 



The metric we’re most interested in from Scimago with the Scimago Journal Ranking (SJR). To find this, you’ll want to scroll way down the page, until you see the boxes with all of the graphs. The first one is SJR. You can toggle the box from the graph to a chart that will list the SJR numbers by year. 



The most current year will appear at the bottom. This is the number you’ll want to use for the SJR column in the template. 

To find the quartiles in Scimago, you’ll then want to scroll back up a bit to find the Quartiles section. 



You can toggle this one as well to get the list of quartiles for each category. While some of the categories may be the same as the ones in JCR, they will likely be a bit different. These are based on JCR and Scimago’s categories, not those determined by the journal itself.