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Scholarly Impact Report

Journal Citation Reports

Open Journal Citation Reports and type in the title of the journal. Journals that are not indexed in Web of Science will not be included in JCR, and therefore will not have an Impact Factor since that is a metric specifically designated by JCR. 



In the journal’s profile, you will see a JCR Year dropdown. This dropdown will default to the most current year they have information for. In order to see the metrics for the year an article was published, you’ll want to select the appropriate year from this dropdown. 



Scrolling down the page, Journal Impact Factor will be the first item under the Journal’s Performance section.



This is the number you will put in the JCR (Impact Factor) column. 

As you keep scrolling, you will see another box with the Journal Citation Indicator (JCI). This is the number you will put in the JCR (Journal Citation Indicator) column. 



As you scroll even further down, past the Citation distribution and Open Access sections, you will find the Rank by Journal Impact Factor box. This is where you will find the quartile information for the different categories under which JCR indexes that particular journal. 




Below that, you fill find a similar box, Rank by Journal Citation Indicator (JCI) 



There are other metrics that can be explored in JCR, but these are the most common metrics.