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Scholarly Impact Report

Google Scholar

Starting with Google Scholar, first ensure that all records are visible on the page by scrolling to the bottom of the publication list and selecting “Show More” until the option is greyed out and all works are shown. 


list of articles in Google Scholar with show more link highlighted

Next, select a citation in your report and locate the article among the publications listed in Google Scholar. The total number of citations and year of publication will be visible on the right. At this time, there are no citations in Google Scholar for our example article.  


list of articles in Google Scholar showing number of citations

Finding the average citations per year in Google Scholar is a little more complicated because the Google Scholar profile doesn’t provide this information. You can calculate it yourself by dividing the article’s total citations by the number of years since the original publication date. However, if you don’t want to do the math yourself, Publish or Perish calculates this automatically.