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Scholarly Impact Report

Metrics for Journals

Depending on the author’s needs, they may or may not be interested in metrics for the individual journals they have published in. For the template, we made space for the all of the most used metrics to determine a journal’s impact as well as Quartile information. Because of drastic differences in impact metrics across disciplines, those metrics alone can’t always tell the full impact story of a journal. Quartile information helps put the metrics in perspective by comparing to other journals in the same or similar areas of study. 

Though authors aren’t likely to want or need all of the information, we wanted to provide space for them all on the template so that they know what is available to choose from. 

In the template, we have also made space for metrics from the current year as well as the year the author’s article was published in that journal if those differ. For articles published in the past year, the author will have to rely on data from the previous year until the databases are updated.