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Open Education at UTA: Grant Recipients

2017 Grant Recipients

Project Lead Department Course(s) Impacted Project Description
Dr. Sharareh Kermanshachi Civil Engineering Civil Engineering 5350

"Development of Web-Based Interactive Educational System Replacing Traditional Textbook-Based Instructional Approach"

This project develops a web-based interactive educational system to replace a traditional textbook-based instructional approach. It is aimed to reduce the high cost of commercial print textbooks for both students and parents and implement the proposed educational system in the graduate level CE 5350-Risk Management class. As most of the students in the Construction Management Master’s program are international students, creation of an OER will significantly contribute to the academic success of CE Department students.
Bret Lathwell Sociology Sociology 1311

"Multi Media and other Supplementals to Facilitate Adoption of an existing OER Textbook"

This project will create podcasts, videos, and chapter summaries published under the CC BY license to supplement an existing OpenStax textbook. The materials will provide crucial support to the textbook by providing students with mobile friendly multi media content free of charge, which will both save the students money and increase academic performance.
Dr. Mohan Pant Curriculum & Instruction Education 5394 and Education 5397

"Educational Statistics Using R and R Commander"

The proposed textbook will employ an inductive reasoning approach to teach concepts of statistics using data from education. The text will introduce R (free statistical software) and R commander (a graphical interface for R) to assist learners with graphing and analyzing data. Relevant statistical concepts and their usefulness will be included with each activity.
Alicia Soueid Modern Languages French 2314

"Content-Based French Language: An OER Creation Project"

The proposed intermediate-level French textbook will incorporate material and resources from multiple domains, including business, history, the arts, and the sciences. It will be used in a bridge course that prepares students for upper-level French coursework.