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Open Education at UTA: Pressbooks

UTA Libraries provide no-cost access to Pressbooks for UTA faculty, staff, and students interested in creating or modifying open educational resources (OER). Pressbooks is a web-based publishing tool that allows authors to easily import content and export the resulting publication to a variety of formats, including MOBI, EPUB, and PDF. Additionally, the platform and compatible plugins support embedded multimedia, interactive assessment, and open web annotations. Mavs Open Press manages UTA's OER catalog.

All members of the UTA community are invited to join our Pressbooks Sandbox. The Sandbox allows interested persons to experiment with and learn about the platform. Request access to the Sandbox to get started for free.

Hypothesis Web Annotations

Pressbooks has built in support for, which is a web annotation tool. Users can highlight and annotate Pressbooks content right in the webpage itself leading to a more engaging and interactive experience.

Interactive H5P content support

Pressbooks has a H5P plugin that allows authors to create rich interactive content within the platform. H5P has a wide range of content types, which can be found on their website. Additionally, H5P maintains a list of each content type's accessibility status measured against WCAG 2.0 AA standards. Below are examples of content that can be embedded in Pressbooks.


Arithmetic Quiz


Memory Game

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In June 2018, Mavs Open Press published our first OER. Creating Online Learning Experiences: A Brief Guide to Online Courses, from Small and Private to Massive and Open was a collaborative project led by Dr. Matt Crosslin of UTA's LINK Research Lab. Learn more about the book on the Libraries' IRIS blog.

Request a Site

Authors may request creation of their own Pressbooks site with a unique URL. Sites should be requested only after the project name has been finalized, as the URL cannot be changed once it has been created. Authors are encouraged to build resources in the Mavs Open Press Sandbox in the interim and then clone the content from the Sandbox to the project site after the project name is finalized. Please note that all resources supported by Mavs Open Press must be openly licensed, allowing for downstream users to remix and reuse the content.