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K-12 Learning Experience at UTA Libraries

Learning Objectives

Robotics trips for students will be composed of three distinct phases; explore, create and share (source: Lego Education WeDo 2.0 Curriculum pack).  In the exploration phase, students will given time to unpack and familiarize themselves with their robotics materials. Then, they will be presented with a problem or question to discuss with their peer group. Afterwards, they will construct and program their machine. This phase will include trial and error as will require modifications to their programming strategy and overall design. Lastly, students will reflect on their processes and share their experiences with each other in a collaborative, perpetually beta environment. We are all creators, doers and engineers during a robotics trip! 


During this trip, learners will demonstrate the ability to problem solve in a group setting. After completing this trip, learners will be able to construct a robot, and program it to complete a task or solve a problem.