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K-12 Learning Experience at UTA Libraries

What happens during a Learning Experience?


During a Learning Experience at UTA Libraries our goal is for your class to experience the most engaging and exciting tools we have available in our building. We want all Kindergarten through 12th grade classes to have the opportunity to learn by doing- to learn about robotics and hand-eye coordination while steering their robot around obstacles, to (literally) see a light turn on because of a circuit that they created, and to view a character they made jumping, playing and working with others on a video screen. 


Commonly Asked Questions

What is the cost of a Learning Experience at UTA Libraries? 

$0! Learning Experience trips are absolutely free of charge. We are excited about sharing our resources with your students. Your sole expense is arranging for group transportation to and from UTA campus. 


How many students can I bring? 

At this time we are able to accommodate groups of 30-40 students. Regardless of group size please email me and we can work out a schedule or a rotation with other on campus activities.


Can we do another activity that lines up with what we are learning in class?  

Yes! I'm happy to customize one of our base activities (robotics, research, videogame and story creation, etc.) to better fit the learning needs of your group. 

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