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K-12 Learning Experience at UTA Libraries

Learning Objectives

Circuits and building go hand in hand, as both are principals and core components of engineering. During a trip for burgeoning architects and engineers we will be introducing, cultivating and encouraging skills that learners have their whole lives. They will learn how to start and stop the flow of electricity, what objects are conductors and which are insulators and how to build structures that are sound and can withstand the application of force. 

After this trip, students will be able to define terms associated with the flow of electrical current. Students will be able to classify a range of objects as electric conductors and insulators. They will collaborate with others and successfully construct a working circuit.

Early Learners


Makeys Makeys

Graphite Circuits 

Beginner building and circuit trips last approximately 1.5 hours and serve as an introduction to the world of design and making. We have classroom sets of all equipment and separate larger groups into class size sub-groups. 

Intermediate Learners

Little Bits 

Makey Makeys

Graphite Circuits

These manipulatives are perfect for intermediate learners excited to figure out the how of it all- how computers receive messages, how messages are conducted and interpreted by machines and how 3d printing filament can build upon itself. This learning track is very hands on and deals primarily with the conducting of messages from objects to computers.