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K-12 Learning Experience at UTA Libraries

STEM Stations

Learning Objectives

With our innovative STEM science stations, children explore and experience robots, a building challenge, make scientific observations, and attack a math challenge as they do hands-on experiments and engineering activities. Stations prompt students to perform simple experiments. Plus, each station features an engineering activity to extend the learning and build critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Our library has the video game section in the basement, which allows the student to build Strategizing, Hand-Eye Coordination skills.

During the stem science course, students experience the robomasters, which are gateways to programming, robotics, and AI technology. With a 3D pen, children can find a very immersive outlet for their creativity. It also stimulates the development of their imagination. Snap Circuits introduce kids to the fundamental elements of basic circuitry, such as electronic flow, positive and negative poles, resistors, capacitors, serial and parallel circuitry etc. We do a fablab tour that focuses mainly on access to technologies, equipment, training, opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration , and inspirational spaces in support of invention and entrepreneurship.