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K-12 Learning Experience at UTA Libraries

Learning Objectives

In animation, students here learn to create animated movements of objects. Students use clay material to make the structures, which will increase their creativity by building something innovative. Later, they use the digital cameras to capture each and every movement of the built structure, which helps students build their photography skills. We use software to run the captured images and turn them into a video.

Building animated videos allows students to hone their photography and videography skills. These skills help in creative pursuits such as drawing, illustration, film, and design. Some of the sample videos have been uploaded to the YouTube channel.

Intermediate and Advanced Content Creators

                 Middle school male student taking a picture with a digital camera       

Stop Motion Animation Kit including clay (to be used for claymation) and Legos for Lego-based animation 

Sony Cybershot Digital Cameras and Hue Animation Studio

Stop Motion Studio 

Sample stop motion animations YouTube vidoes