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Learn to Edit Wikipedia

This guide cover the basics of learning to edit Wikipedia, including creating an account, editing text, creating references, and adding images. It was developed out of a workshop session by Michael Barera, a Wikipedian with over a decade of experience.

About UTA Learn to Edit Wikipedia Workshops and Wikipedia Meetups

Join a UTA Learn to Edit Wikipedia Workshop to learn the basics of editing Wikipedia in one session. No prior experience with Wikipedia is necessary.

Join a UTA Wikipedia Meetup to meet other Wikipedians in the UTA community and collaboratively create and edit an article in a casual setting. Prior attendance in a Learn to Edit Wikipedia Workshop or previous Wikipedia editing experience is highly recommended.

Previous UTA Wikipedia Meetups

All articles created except where noted

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  2. February 2020: Emerson Emory
  3. April 2020: Climate of Dallas (expanded)
  4. September 2020: Santa Fe Freight Building
  5. November 2020: Anton R. Roessler
  6. February 2021: Guadalupe College (expanded)
  7. April 2021: UT Arlington Mavericks men's wheelchair basketball (Movin' Mavs)
  8. September 2021: Africae Tabula Nova
  9. October 2021: Open Knowledge Repository