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Learn to Edit Wikipedia

This guide cover the basics of learning to edit Wikipedia, including creating an account, editing text, creating references, and adding images. It was developed out of a workshop session by Michael Barera, a Wikipedian with over a decade of experience.

Learning More Advanced Editing Skills​

  • You will learn more with time and practice as a Wikipedian.​
  • Don't hesitate to contact me at User talk:Michael Barera. Asking an experienced Wikipedian a question directly can be the easiest way to answer it.​
  • Wikipedia's Teahouse (Wikipedia:Teahouse) is a great place to ask questions and interact with other editors. It was designed especially for new editors.​
  • Wikipedia's Help Desk (Wikipedia:Help desk) and its Help pages (Help:Contents) may also be useful to you, although the latter is sometimes perceived as intimidating by newcomers.​