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Learn to Edit Wikipedia

This guide cover the basics of learning to edit Wikipedia, including creating an account, editing text, creating references, and adding images. It was developed out of a workshop session by Michael Barera, a Wikipedian with over a decade of experience.

How to Add Images to Articles

Once again, VisualEditor makes adding images to articles much easier.​

To add an image, click on the "Insert" drop-down menu from the editing toolbar from within VisualEditor. Then, click "Media" (the first option in the drop down).​

Search for a photograph or other image by name or subject in the search bar.​

Click "Use this image" to select that file.​

In the "General" tab of the next window, add the caption.​

The only "Advanced" (next tab) option used with frequency is left-align.​

This is how an image appears immediately after it is inserted into the article.​