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Learn to Edit Wikipedia

This guide cover the basics of learning to edit Wikipedia, including creating an account, editing text, creating references, and adding images. It was developed out of a workshop session by Michael Barera, a Wikipedian with over a decade of experience.

Creating an Account

  • Before you create an account, think about what you would like your username to be. Note that it is possible to later change your username.​
  • Your username can be your real name, a pseudonym, or somewhere in between (such as a username that incorporates your first name but not your last name).​

When you are ready to create your account, click on the "Create account" link in the top right corner of any Wikipedia page, such as the main page.​

On the "Create account" page, create your account by entering your username and a password. If you forget your password, the only way to recover your account is by connecting it to an e-mail address.​