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Access instructions

  • Go to in the Chrome browser
  • Select the "Get Grammarly: It's Free" button.
  • Add the Chrome Extension.
  • Once this is downloaded, you will be asked to create a free account.  Use any email address--you do not need to use your NetID.

  • Finally, you will be taken to a screen where you can upload your document for review by the Grammarly program.
    • Any formatting you've done will be lost, so wait until after you've run your paper through Grammarly to format your paper.
    • You also have the option to download an MS Office plugin on this page, so you can check your writing in MS Word.
    • Grammarly is a computer program, not a human reviewer.


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APA Citing

APA Exposed Tutorial by W. K. Mages

APA Exposed Tutorial


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Research/Database Tutorials

Research Process
This general overview of the research process helps with everything from figuring out a topic to finding and citing sources.

Course Reserves
The basics of finding and using your instructor's course reserves.

What is Peer-Review
One link for three short videos: First, learn what the peer-review process actually is and what the difference is between scholarly, popular, and trade publications. Next, learn how to find peer-reviewed journal articles in the Library's databases. And finally, if you're not sure whether the great article you found is peer-reviewed, you can watch the last video to figure it out. Watch one, two, or all three.)

EBSCO - Finding Full Text Articles
How to find full-text articles from ERIC, Academic Search Complete, MLA International Bibliography, and other EBSCOHost databases.

EBSCO - Citing Sources Easily
How to cite sources you find in EBSCOhost databases automatically.

EBSCO - Effective Searching
If you're getting 0 results, or 10,000 irrelevant results, try this tutorial for searching more effectively.

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Getting resources the library doesn't have