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Connecting from Off-Campus

How to do it and what to do if you are having problems.

What is a VPN connection?

Virtual Private Networking or VPN allows your computer to access the UTA network as though you were on-campus. If you use this option for library resources you must use the VPN Full Tunnel Connection.

Many UTA systems and applications (including library resources) NO LONGER REQUIRE VPN for access.

If VPN is not required, do not use it.

If you are using VPN and having access issues, verify that you are using the Full Tunnel Connection and not the default Split Tunnel Connection. You can also try it without connecting through the VPN.

Several examples that no longer require VPN: Microsoft Teams, MARS, Canvas, and Microsoft Office, because they already use two-factor authentication. Using VPN with applications that do not require it will cause lag. 

Installing UTA's VPN Software


For further information about working remotely, go to

I've tried installing the VPN but it's not working. What do I do now?