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French Literature and Culture: 800 CE to Present

A research and resource guide to French literature and culture

The French Program at UT Arlington is dedicated to the study of the language, literature, and culture of France and other French-speaking countries. Students have the opportunity to achieve oral and written linguistic competence and to study the history, literature, film, arts, and philosophy of France and Francophone countries. Courses are designed to increase students' abilities of self-expression, enhance their cross-cultural understanding, and help them see their own culture from a fresh perspective.


How do you get started? Where do you find research resources?

In this guide you will find:

  • Databases that provide you access to journals, biographical information, background information, and relevant materials about your chosen research topic.

  • Reference works to provide background information and help you decide on and narrow your research topic.

  • The UTA Library discovery tool to find resources relevant to your research topic.

  • Interlibrary loan to request resources not owned by the UTA Library.

  • Information on citation in MLA and APA format styles.

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