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CHEM 2181: Assignment

For CHEM 2181 lab library sessions

Library Exercise

Choose a reaction from a synthesized compound product using SciFinder database and properly cite the journal article using ACS format of the article in which the reaction is discussed.

Students receive the compound they are to use for the assignment on a single sheet of paper from the lab TA

·         SciFinder database, (found from the library database A-Z list) is used to draw the assigned compound and search for a  reaction

·          A reaction is chosen (may be several to choose from) that has the compound in the product and is also in a journal article with English as the language of the journal

o    Do not choose a patent, book or e-encyclopedia

·          Once a reaction is found then it is drawn on the same sheet as assigned compound and include the stages and steps

·          A full literature citation (using the American Chemical Society (ACS) style) of a journal article in English must be provided on the same sheet including the first page of the article

·          The, How to Cite Using ACS, handout is available under the “Citing Sources” tab and cite source using the format example for "journal article from a database"

·          Drawn reaction and full correct ACS citation (and maybe the 1st page of the journal article printed) are to be turned in to the lab TA at assigned time.  Staple worksheet and first page of article together and be sure name & date are on paper. 

Tips to remember


  • You will need to register for your own username/password​
    • See tab on Chemistry 2181 Course Guide for SciFinder Web Registration.
  • To use the drawing editor from off campus the latest version of the java plug-in must be downloaded. 
  • Further help with SciFinder is available at: