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CHEM 2181: About SciFinder-n

For CHEM 2181 lab library sessions

What is SciFinder-n

SciFinder-n provides users with quick and easy access to a wide diversity of research from many scientific disciplines. Faculty and students can explore:

·         CAS database content created by scientists

·         references from over 10,000 currently published journals and patent information from more than 61 active patent-issuing authorities

·         important discoveries that span the scientific century back to 1900

·         the latest scientific breakthroughs almost as soon as they are published with references added daily and some patent information as recent as two days ago

·         complete coverage of chemistry and the life sciences including biochemistry, biology, pharmacology, medicine, and related disciplines

·        the world's largest collection of organic and inorganic substance information

Access to the information contained in the CAS and MEDLINE databases from more than 10,000 journals. Some are full text. Besides journals, other sources include patents (some full text as far back as 1900 available), books, reviews, meeting abstracts, dissertations, conference proceedings, and technical reports. Subject areas covered: genomics, proteomics, biotechnology, agricultural chemistry, toxicology, environmental science, medicine, food science, packaging, petroleum products and many others.

Unique to SciFinder-n is the capability to access millions of different specific chemical substances, including organic compounds, coordination compounds, polymers, biosequences, and alloys. From these records access to structure diagrams, names and molecular formulas are included. Access to millions of single and multistep reactions from journals, 1840 to the present are also available. Chemical source information, including supplier addresses and pricing information, for millions of products is available from hundreds of chemical catalogs.


Things to remember @SciFinder-n

·     Is Web-based

·      Only limited simultaneous usage (if the user limit is reached, just try a few minutes later)

·      Individual user ID and password required - See SciFinder Registration tab above

·   The new Non-Java structure editor is an alternative to the Java-based editor and allows users to draw structures for substance and reaction searches without requiring a Java plug-in


·      Use of SciFinder-n is for educational purposes ONLY and is restricted to use by current
    UT Arlington faculty, staff, and registered students; use by campus visitors or the
    general public is not permitted