Research Coaches

Research Coaches are UTA students trained to help you complete your research projects.


Research Coaches are available in-person in the Academic Plaza, 2nd floor Central Library


Monday - Thursday,  9am - 12am

Friday, 9am - 4pm

Saturday & Sunday, 9am - 8pm 


Drop-by the Academic Plaza or email Diane Shepelwich at for research help.



I am a freshman and my intended majors are Management and Marketing. I gained experience with the research process through a program at my high school called the International Baccalaureate. In this rigorous program, I had to do research in all of my classes and this truly helped me become more experienced with research and formatting papers. I'm always willing to help with anything that I can, so do not ever hesitate to come and talk to me! I'll be at the library roaming or sitting near the center of the 2nd floor.



My name is Jasmine, I'm a freshman pursuing a major in Nursing. I'm a friendly enthusiastic person happily willing to assist students in any way. My experience with research papers comes from my rigorous AP and IB courses in high school where research papers were a regular occurrence. From that experience I know where things may become difficult, when your thesis just isn't as strong as you want it to be, you're not meeting or you're exceeding your word limit, and even just knowing where to find your information. If you're ever stuck, the other research coaches and I would love to help, just come visit us in the Central Library! 




My name is Ololade Mafimidiwo (I also go by Lola) and I am currently an Electrical Engineering Senior. I have done extensive research in several subject areas such as Physics, History, English, Communications, Engineering and many more. I have also gained valuable research experience through my participation in the UTA Honors College. Hence, I am adept in numerous research processes, writing and formatting styles. I am very friendly and I enjoy helping students, so feel free to come to me with your questions and concerns. We will work together to meet your research needs in the most engaging way possible. I am located on the 2nd floor of the Central Library and I can also be reached through UTA email. Hope to see you soon!



Hello! My name is Austin Pickell. I’m a sophomore studying towards a major in Electrical Engineering. I first started researching in high school, where I wrote multiple argumentative and informative papers for my AP English classes, with topics ranging from biology to history. Starting college, I wrote even more argumentative papers for my last English class. I’m familiar with both MLA and APA formats.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I’m available in the Central Library on the 2nd floor. Feel free to stop by!



My name is Fiyinfoluwa Joyce Morenikeji. I am a sophomore with a comprehensive knowledge in research, and my intended major is Nursing. My first research paper proved to be challenging. I had so many questions, and it seemed like no one could answer, this intrigued me and I decided to use this experience to help others who feel lost or confused when writing a research paper. I know it always seems like a long process, but if you stop by at the Academic Plaza (2nd floor, Central Library) and you see me we could work on your research paper together, and I will try my possible best to answer all your questions.




Library staff are available during Library Hours. If you need help with your research, have a question about the Library, need to settle a Trivial Pursuit question, use Live Chat any time. We're here to help!!





Hi, my name is Adam Perez and I am a freshman planning to major in Civil Engineering. I love talking and meeting new people, so don't be shy to ask for help. In high school I became familiar with the research process by working on projects such as constructing a down scaled Roman Aqueduct, making an underwater ROV for the Grand Prairie Fire Department, building a functioning AM/FM Radio, and creating a plat of Dubiski Career High School. If you're in need of help or have any questions, I'll be on the 2nd floor of the central library.  :)



Hi there! I’m Jane Cloud and I would love to help you with any research questions you may have! As a sophomore in college pursuing nursing, I’ve taken multiple science classes which have required us to write research papers. As a member of the Honors College, I enjoy working hard to ensure everything is the best it can be. I was able to graduate with my Associate of Science before I graduated from high school at 18, which gave me many opportunities to become familiar with not only the research process of writing a paper and finding reliable sources, but also formatting papers in multiple styles including APA, MLA, American Chemical Society, and the Council of Science Editors. Come find me on the second floor of the library if you have any questions. Hope to see you soon!