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Connecting from Off-Campus: Home

How to do it and what to do if you are having problems.

How do I access articles and databases from off-campus?

  • If you are a currently enrolled UT Arlington student, faculty, or staff member, you can access the Library's electronic resources using your NetID and password to authenticate.  Before proceeding, please see the "Browser Settings" box below to make sure your web browser is optimized to access all our resources.

  • When you come to the Library website from off campus and click a link to a restricted resource, you will be redirected to a page with this text: Log in to use the UT Arlington Library's online resources.

  • Enter your UT Arlington NetID username and password, click the Log in button, and the next thing you see will be the online resource that you chose.

  • If you get the message, Login failed - Logging in to use the UTA Library's online resources didn't work, this likely means that your password has expired or you typed it incorrectly. The first step of troubleshooting this problem is to try your MyMav account to see if you can log in successfully.

Browsers and Browser Settings


UT Arlington and, by extension, UTA Library currently support and recommend two web browsers: Internet Explorer 8 and Mozilla Firefox 4 (links for downloading them are here). Some library resources work better with IE, and some work better with Firefox. If you are having trouble with one, try the other. We do not support and cannot troubleshoot problems you may have with other web browsers (e.g., Google Chrome, Safari for Mac).


Browser Settings:

You will need to enable Cookies, JavaScript, and Popups because many online resources require these features to work correctly.  Please consult the links below on how to accomplish these for your browser.

Cache:  Clear your browser's cache, history, and temporary files

Visit to learn how to clear the cache for your particular browser.  


Visit to learn how to enable cookies for your particular browser. Cookies are used to store information about your search session on your hard drive. If you have privacy concerns about cookies, you may want to disable cookies or delete the cookies.txt file from your hard drive after you have finished using the library's databases. 

Java or JavaScript:

Visit to learn how to enable JavaScript for your particular browser.

Popup Blockers:

Some databases use popup windows to display search results or extra options. Popup blockers may be installed as part of a browser toolbar, as part of your browser, as part of your virus protection software, or even as a separate program.  Examples of programs that may include popup blockers include the following (you can click a link below to learn how to disable popup blockers on your system):



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