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Mendeley Guide

Step 1: Create a Mendeley account

To begin using Mendeley, create a free account online and download the Mendeley Desktop:  The Mendeley Desktop is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Step 2: Configure Library Lookup for UTA full-text access

Step 3: Enable PDF indexing

Step 4: Set default citation style

Step 5: Consider disabling automatic attachments and tags

Mobile Apps

Mendeley is available as a mobile app for the iPad and iPhone.  It is a free download from the iTunes App Store.

Web Importer

Install the Web Importer to directly import references and documents from the web browser.  Once the Web Importer is installed citations are added to Mendeley with a simple click on the bookmark.  A wide variety of sites already support the Web Importer and more are being added.

Go to
Press Ctrl + Shift + B to show the Bookmarks bar under the address bar.
Drag and drop the red Import to Mendeley button into the Bookmarks bar. You can then import page to Mendeley by clicking this link.

Word Processor Plug-in

word processor plug-in is available that allows for inserting references into Word or Open Office documents.  To install the plug-in, click on the Tools menu within Mendeley Desktop and select the option for the desired word processor.

Premium Packages

Paid premium packages are available for Mendeley users who need more storage space or an increased number of group users.