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Company & Industry: Case Studies


Case Studies

The information on this page will help you locate case studies; these can be found in books or in databases as Business Source Complete, Emerald Management Xtra and other resources. 

Strategies for Locating Case Studies

Search Strategy Examples:
  • time management AND case stud*
  • Apple AND case stud*
  • healthcare cost* OR benefit* AND stud*

*  is a truncation symbol used to tell the database to return all forms of the word

Business Source Complete database:

  1. Asian Case Research Journal
  2. Business Case Journal
  3. Harvard Business Review (publish one case study per issues)
  4. Journal of Case Research
  5. Journal of Case Studies
  6. Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

  1. Case Studies in Business, Industry and Government Statistics
  2. Journal of Business Case Studies
  3. Review of Business & Finance Case Studies

Case Studies can be located in the following databases.  They are listed on the  database Database A to Z page.

Use the UTA Libraries Online  to locate case studies on your topic.

Search Examples:

  • finance AND case stud*
  • "decision making" AND case stud*
  • retail AND case stud*
  • "personnel management" AND case stud*

What is a Case Study?

A case study is a summary of a real or invented business situation. The study covers a variety of events that managers have or had to deal with over time and how the decisions they made effected the company or not.  A case study gives students an opportunity to analyze the problem/s or event/s that led to the organization’s success or failure.  Case studies are often used to illustrate theories studied in class.