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LaTeX in Engineering Sciences

Getting Started LaTeX

LaTeX is a typesetting system widely utilized for presenting and publishing scientific, engineering, math, physics, and technical content.

Unlike traditional word processors, LaTeX provides robust tools for effortlessly creating mathematical equations, referencing figures and tables, and organizing documents using a markup-based structure. Despite its powerful features, LaTeX's reliance on plain text for document creation can present a significant learning curve for beginners. This guide will help you begin with LaTeX, including steps to create documents and handle citations effectively.

LaTeX is a wonderful tool that can simplify your writing process, and if you are looking to get started, some resources are included here:

  • - main site for LaTeX releases, development and how to get LaTeX
  • - Comprehensive TeX Archive Network, find information about the 5700+ packages you can use in LaTeX
  • - community Q&A all about LaTeX, if you have a question go here first
  • - free online LaTeX editor that has a well-developed help section with information from getting started to details of document formats


Why LaTeX is awesome?