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Printing Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the plotter printer located?

The plotter is located on the first floor of the Central Library in The Studios space.

There are also labs on the 3rd floor (319 and 324) in the Architecture Building where you can print posters. Please note that the labs in the Architecture Building are sometimes occupied by classes and, therefore, not always available. There are also plotters in the Engineering Lab Building (256) and the Life Science Building (206).

How much does it cost to print a poster?

How do I pay for a poster? There are 2 options to pay for a poster.

1. You can use a UTA student/staff ID card

To add money to your UTA ID card you can access, or deposit funds by visiting the MAV Express machine located on the 2nd floor of Central Library.

2. You can purchase a temporary print card for $1.

To purchase a temporary print card you can visit the MAV Express machine located on the 2nd floor of Central Library.

Can I submit an order online?

No, we can offer assistance with formatting, but we do not take orders.

What colors and sizes are available?

All colors are available. The length can be however long you would like with a maximum width of 42 inches.

How long will my poster take to print?

It is an automatic print once it is released from the print release station, and most images print in less than 2 minutes.

What file type do I need to print?

We recommend using any of the following; JPG, PNG, or PDF.

Where can I pick up my poster?

The print process is self-service so you will be sending the poster to the plotter and you’re responsible for picking up prints following completion. The library is not responsible for any prints left unattended.