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NURS 5327 Explorations in Nursing Theory and Science

Finding Primary Sources in the UTA Library Catalog


UTA Libraries logo


Go the the UTA Libraries homepage.  There is a search bar in the middle of the blue ribbon towards the top of the page.  On the right of the search bar is an orange arrow that points to an advanced search link.

1) Click on advanced search.


2) Several search options will appear.  In the box titled Discipline, select the box for "nursing."



3) Modify the Content type options to include only certain formats if needed.



4) Search for information by using primary source search terms (last name, first name), in addition to by title, author, publication, subject, etc.  If you are uncertain where to begin, try a few different search term combinations, such as "music therapy" and "case study."  Then refine and clarify your search terms until you find an article that contains all of the stated requirements.