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Biology 3301 Course Guide

About the Library

  • Throughout your education, this is the immediate resource for most needs:
    • Contact info
    • Research Help
    • Resources and tips
  • Library website:
    • Search bar – Find
      • A specific article that you wanted full text (Paste in the title and press Search).
        (If it doesn’t work,try the Citation Linker.)
      • Books and ebooks by topic, author, etc.
    • Databases A-Z (on the left menu) – get information about databases relevant to you. Click a database to begin searching in it.
    • Interlibrary loan (Click Library Services on the left)– get access to materials from other libraries through UTA.
    • Ask Us Anything (Click Ask Us/FAQ on he the right menu)– ask a question to search those that have been answered already or to chat with a librarian.

Subject Librarians (on the right menu)– Librarians who can answer questions according to different subject matter.