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Web Archives

Viewing an Archived Website

Archived websites are captured on a reoccurring basis to document the changes to a page over time. Depending on the frequency of these changes, websites may be archived on a quarterly, semiannual, or annual basis; although some websites may only be captured once before they are taken down by the site owner. The following page displays all of the capture dates for the specific web page.

Archive-It crawls

Selecting on any one of the capture dates displays the website as it was on that date, as accurately as possible. A banner will appear at the top of each web page, notifying the user when viewing a captured web page, and ensuring that you have not accidentally navigated to the live web. The banner displays the time and date of the initial capture of the website, as well as other information about the Archive-It collection. When using an archived website for a citation, use the entire URL found, for example: ""

Banner displaying information on the captured website

Navigating to a page that has not been captured will lead to an error message, like the one seen below. Portions of websites may not be captured if they are unrelated to Special Collections' collecting policies, or pages hidden behind login screens. Additionally, pages may not be archived if they were hosted by another website, such as a New York Times article or a social media feed. If you believe that a page may not have been captured in error, please contact Special Collections. To see if the web page has been captured by another organization, check the Wayback Machine.

Example of a page not captured