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When creating a visualization, you'll want to change the title of the visualization to make sure your viewer knows what you are measuring. The default title for a visualization is "Sheet n," where n is the number of sheets you have created. As an example, the first sheet we made, the bar chart, has the default title "Sheet 1."

We can change this by double clicking on the sheet title, and changing the name.

Delete "<Sheet Name>" and enter your desired title. You can also change the font of your title in this window by changing the options at the top of the window.

Colors and Customization

You can change more than the title of your visualizations, though. You can also change the colors and fonts in the charts themselves.

There are a few ways to do this. First, you can click on the "Color" box in the "Marks" field on the left side of the screen.

Click a new color to change the color of the bars in your chart.

If you want each value to have its own color, drag and drop your value names onto the same "Color" box. This will automatically give each value its own color. As an example, if you drag and drop "Result 1" onto "Color," Tableau will assign a color to each award result: nomination, pending, and all other values will have their own color.

To customize other fields, you can select "Format" in the toolbar and choose from the options available.

Playing with Charts

You can create a lot of different visualizations with the same variables. To explore some of your options, try using the "Show Me" function in the upper right corner of your screen. It'll look like this:

This function will automatically create new charts using the same data in your current sheet. The colored-in options are accessible to you, and the charts that are grayed out can't be created with your current variables. Try experimenting with some of the options!

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