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Open for UTA Students: Find OER Courses

UTA students can search by cost of course materials in the schedule of classes. Use the instructions below to find courses in MyMav that use free or low-cost educational resources in place of high-cost commercial textbooks, access codes, and bundles. The filters are also available in UTA's Schedule Planner under “Search by Course Attribute.”

  1. Login to your MyMav account from the UTA homepage using your NetID: 
  2. Once logged in, click on the "Manage Classes" tab to access the course catalog:
  3. Once here, click on the Classic Class Search Only tab 
  4. From the search screen in UTA's Schedule of Classes, open the Additional Search Criteria options.

  5. At the bottom of the screen select "Educational Resources Cost" from the Course Attribute drop-down menu.

  6. To limit your search to only resources that are completely free in their digital format, select "Free Educational Resources" from the Course Attribute Value drop-down menu. Selecting "Low-Cost Educational Resources" will return courses requiring resources that total no more than $25 per student. If you do not select either value, the system will search for both free and low-cost selections.

  7. Your selected filter will display at the top of the Search Results page.

  8. Click on the link to the class for the educational resources attribute associated with this class.

Please note that MyMav will not return a list of courses with free and low-cost attributes if no additional search criteria are selected.

  • To browse a multidisciplinary list of courses tagged with the attributes, you must select either free or low cost from the Course Attribute Value drop-down menu.
  • To search for both attributes simultaneously, include a subject code in your search and do not select anything from the Course Attribute Value drop-down menu.

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