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PSYC 5405 - Statistics


This session will cover the competencies you'll need in visualizing data effectively, including the use of Excel and SPSS. Other tools--not covered today--include Google Fusion Tables and Tableau Public for analysis and creating visualizations.


About the Data:

The study was designed to explore the factors that impact on respondents' psychological adjustment and wellbeing. The survey contained a variety of validated scales measuring constructs that the extensive literature on stress and coping suggest influence people's experience of stress. The scales measured self-esteem, optimism, perceptions of control, perceived stress, positive and negative affect, and life satisfaction. A scale was also included that measured people's tendency to present themselves in a favorable or socially desirable manner. The survey was distributed to members of the general public in Melbourne, Australia and surrounding districts. The final sample size was 439, consisting of 42% male participants and 58% female, with ages ranging from 18 to 82 (mean=37.4).


Example of journal guidelines:


Example output:
Bar chart created by Adrian Abellanoza.

Tableau Public