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Government Information

  • The White House
    • The official web site for The White House, featuring the full-text of current Executive Orders, speeches, press releases, and miscellaneous other Executive documents.
  • The American Presidency Project
    • By providing easy access to useful information, we seek to promote a more informed citizenry of the United States, high quality scholarly and media analysis, and a better understanding of American democracy throughout the world.
  • Federal Register
    • Includes the full-text of Presidential Proclamations, Executive Orders, and other documents such as determinations, letters, memorandums, and reorganization plans.
  • Code of Federal Regulations
    • Presidential documents recorded in the Federal Register are compiled annually in Title 3 of the Code of Federal Regulations.
  • Executive Orders Disposition Tables Index
    • These tables contain information about Executive orders beginning with those signed by President Truman. They are arranged according to Presidential administration and year of signature.
  • Presidential Directives on National Security
    • Presidential Directives on National Security From Truman to Clinton provides a unique collection of documents pertaining to all aspects of U.S. national security policy---foreign, defense, intelligence, and international economic policy--and structure. The collection consists of over 2,100 documents totaling 30,855 pages, and covers all administrations from Truman to Clinton.


Presidential Libraries

The Presidential Library system is made up of eleven Presidential Libraries. These are not traditional libraries, but rather repositories for preserving and making available the papers, records, and other historical materials of U.S. Presidents since Herbert Hoover. Each Presidential library contains a museum and provides an active series of public programs.