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English 1302 Library Sessions: Creating

For use during in class library sessions.

Creating Videos


You can use whatever software you would like to use for this assignment, but we'll help you use Windows Moviemaker - it's not fancy, but it will get the job done, and it's available free on any Windows-based PC. To find Windows Moviemaker, click on the Start Menu, go to All Programs, then Accessories - Moviemaker should be in that folder.

Here are the basic steps for creating a video:

  1. Locate materials you want to use in your video (other video clips, text, audio, etc.) and collect it into a folder.
  2. Import your materials into a new Windows Moviemaker project.
  3. Edit, clip, arrange, and mash together your materials within Windows Moviemaker.
    (Note:  Editing can only happen in the Window Movie maker file.wlmp)
  4. Save your work to turn in to your Professor by saving it as as a file that can be uploaded to YouTube, or the video sharing site of your choice. (you will need to have an account), upload it to the site, and email your professor the link.

Locating Materials

Here are a few places to look for materials to incorporate into your video. You can also record your own videos.

Converting Files

Note: Windows Movie Maker only accepts the video files .wmv or .avi. If you have any other file type (ex. mp4) you will need to convert it to a compatible format. 

Windows Movie Maker Download