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English 1302 Library Sessions: Plagiarism

For use during in class library sessions.


Christie, Jim, and Sam are working on a group project for a history class. After they turn in the project, the professor calls them to her office and tells them they have flunked the project because part of it was plagiarized from the web. When Christie and Jim look at the paper, they realize it is Sam's work that was plagiarized, not theirs.
Should the whole group fail the project?

Yes: 8 votes (17.39%)
No: 38 votes (82.61%)
Total Votes: 46


Emma and Christina are writing about the same topic for their final English paper. They have worked together all semester on group projects and decide to share the research they have gathered about their topic. Emma and Christina’s English professor notices that they have written about the exact same topic using the exact same sources.
Have Emma and Christina done anything wrong?

Yes: 45 votes (66.18%)
No: 23 votes (33.82%)
Total Votes: 68


Jane just spent all her extra money to buy an iPhone. She wants to add some music, but can’t afford to buy very many songs. Jane’s best friend Theresa has very similar taste in music and already has many songs on her iPod. Jane borrows Theresa’s iPod and uses a free trial of a “ripping” program to copy the songs from Theresa’s iPod to her iTunes.
Has Jane done anything wrong?

Yes: 4 votes (57.14%)
No: 3 votes (42.86%)
Total Votes: 7


President Smith has nominated Susan to be his ambassador to Chile. However, the nomination has become stalled because of misconduct allegations made against Susan by Tony, a former co-worker. In the course of investigating these allegations, a tipster reveals that Tony was disciplined 25 years ago for committing plagiarism in college. Tony's credibility is instantly thrown in doubt and the investigation into Susan's actions is soon dropped.
Should the plagiarism charge of 25 years ago have influenced the investigation?

Yes: 2 votes (5.71%)
No: 33 votes (94.29%)
Total Votes: 35


George receives an assignment for a class and realizes that he can write his paper on the same topic he wrote it on for another class last semester. Because of the requirements of the assignment, the focus of the paper will be a little different, but he thinks there are paragraphs he will be able to just copy and paste from the paper he wrote last semester.
Is it okay for George to do this?

Yes: 17 votes (45.95%)
No: 20 votes (54.05%)
Total Votes: 37


Helen is in charge of creating promotional posters for her sorority. To liven up a poster advertising the sorority’s car wash fundraiser, Helen adds some photos she found using Google Image search.
Has Helen done anything wrong?

Yes: 2 votes (22.22%)
No: 7 votes (77.78%)
Total Votes: 9


While peer-reviewing your classmate’s English paper you realize that she plagiarized a web site you had emailed her about her topic. You mention it to her when discussing your critique of her paper, but she says that she doesn’t have time to rewrite it so she is going to turn it in like it is.
Would you turn her in to your teacher?

Yes: 12 votes (33.33%)
No: 24 votes (66.67%)
Total Votes: 36


If someone is caught plagiarizing in school, what should their punishment be?

Fail the assignment: 25 votes (80.65%)
Fail the class: 2 votes (6.45%)
Be suspended from school: 1 votes (3.23%)
Be expelled from school: 1 votes (3.23%)
Other: 2 votes (6.45%)
Total Votes: 31


If YOU are caught plagiarizing, what should your punishment be?

Fail the assignment: 25 votes (86.21%)
Fail the class: 1 votes (3.45%)
Be suspended from school: 0 votes (0%)
Be expelled from school: 0 votes (0%)
Other: 3 votes (10.34%)
Total Votes: 29