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Love Data Week 2018: Data Stories


In celebration of Love Data Week 2018, UTA Libraries' joined in the nationwide theme of "data stories." This week, we have three successive Tableau workshops. Each workshop will build on the content of the last, creating a pathway to developing effective visualizations in Tableau and sharing the data stories you've developed.

Wifi Access    UN: evt-lib        PW: loveDATA18


  • Getting started
    • Tableau case study: "Visualizing black data" presentation by guest speaker, Dr. Kenton Rambsy
    • Hands-on workshop: downloading and signing up for Tableau Public, connecting to the data, joins, editing data source
  • Creating effective visualizations
    • "Best practices in data visualization" presentation
    • Hands-on workshop: designing charts in Tableau, creating calculated fields, editing charts
  • Publishing your story


Day 2 Slides

Instructional Videos



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Steps & Data

Director, Research Data Services