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Research Impact: Engineering Sciences

Research Impact

This guide consolidates information, tools, tips, and tutorials to help you measure and 
enhance your research impact. 

Why it is important to enhance your research in Engineering?

Improving research impact is crucial for engineering faculty, students, and researchers as it enhances their visibility and reputation within the academic community, leading to greater recognition and opportunities for funding and collaboration.

High-impact research helps solve real-world engineering problems and influences industry practices, fostering innovation and societal advancement. Furthermore, impactful research contributes to the institution's prestige, attracting top talent and resources that benefit the entire academic ecosystem.

First Step

In today's digital era, cultivating and managing your digital identity as a researcher is essential for enhancing the visibility and impact of your work. Key elements of a strong digital presence include:

  • Author/Researcher Profiles: Maintain a consistent professional identity with a unified name, clear institutional affiliation, a comprehensive list of publications, and a detailed outline of your research interests. These profiles should be updated across ORCID, Google Scholar, IEEE, Web of Science ID and institutional repositories.

  • Research Metrics and Impact: Regularly monitor and highlight the metrics that reflect the reach and influence of your research, such as the number of citations, H-index, and Altmetric scores. These metrics can be showcased on your profiles to demonstrate the significance of your contributions.

  • Citation Tracking: Keep track of where and how often your work is cited to understand its impact within the academic community and to identify potential collaborators or areas for further research.


Start creating your researcher identity in some of the most common used researcher profile platforms, such as:  Web of Science Researcher ID, IEEE and Google Scholar Profile.


This guide is going to help you to start your research identity

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