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SOCW 5395 Integrative Seminar: Engage, Assess, & HSBE

Engagement, Assessment, & HBSE

Social Work, like many disciplines, bases a lot of its work on theories and practice models which serve as a framework for understanding an issue, approaching interactions, and developing an appropriate intervention. You will likely want to approach your research through the lens of one or more of these frameworks. This page points to helpful resources to learn more about what those theories are and how they are applied in Social Work settings.

When you're considering Engagement and Assessment, it will be helpful to look into the academic literature to see what studies have been conducted on your population and social issue. Use the recommended databases to find studies that will provide an evidence base for your practice.

Recommended Resources

Recommended Databases

Scholarly papers can help you determine what interventions have worked in the past and what interventions have not worked. See the Tips and Tricks page for ideas on how to structure your searches in the following databases.

Theoretical Frameworks