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SOCW 5395 Integrative Seminar


Assessing Interventions with Tests & Measures

Authors sometimes make their instruments accessible to others. When shared, they are often appended to journal articles and dissertations, but they might also be found in books and on web sites.

There are two primaries ways to search for these measures & tests using UTA Libraries resources. The most straight-forward way is to look in the Mental Measurements Yearbook database.

The second way requires some strategic searching in the PsycINFO database. 

PsycINFO has a Tests & Measures search field. In order to search for articles that have used a measure on a specific topic, enter a very broad key term in the search field, and use the dropdown to select Tests & Measures.

Searching APA Psychinfo

The image above shows what a search for measures related to suicide risk and suicidality might look like. In the search bar, the suicid* is our search term, which will pick up any variations on the word suicide. The TM Tests & Measures selection from the dropdown tells the database that our key term must appear in the Tests & Measures field.

However, this does not guarantee that the measure that was used in the study will appear in the article. Sometimes measures are appended to the article, in which case, you might want to try a search that includes a second search line with the key term append* and the dropdown Tests & Measures. See image below.

appending APA Psychinfo search

Within the results of the above search, you should find one or more of the measures used in the study attached as an appendix or within the text of the article.