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Nursing Research (NURS 3321/4325/5366)

Step 2: Create a Keyword Search

Video of these steps is at the bottom of the page.

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  • Choose a broad topic to enter in the top search box (asthma, heart failure, cancer, etc.). 

  • If there are terms that are synonyms, add those to the search bar and connect them with the term OR. 

  • If the topic has multiple words, enclose the phrase in quotes. (Example: “chronic obstructive pulmonary disease” OR "COPD").

  • Click the drop-down menu next to the top search box to select “TX all text”.


Your screen will look like this:

Screenshot of the top CINAHL search box with the search terms entered.


  • Click the search button.
  • Notice your search results numbers appear below the search boxes.
  • Click the clear button to empty out the search box before you run your next search.


Your screen will look like this:

Screenshot of search results number and the clear button.


A video demonstration of keyword searching is below.