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There are FIVE criteria you should keep in mind when evaluating something from the web.

1) Authority:
Who is responsible for the website and the information it contains?

2) Accuracy:
How accurate is the information? How reputable are the sources?


3) Objectivity:
What point of view do the creators of the website have?


4) Currency:
How current is the information? Is it outdated?


5) Coverage:
Is the website covering all aspects of a topic?

Questions to Ask

  1. What type of source is this (systematic review, controlled trial, case study)?
  2. What information have you found in other sources that supports the arguments made in this source? List the sources.
  3. Is there more recent information that supports or negates the arguments made in this source?  What is this information?  List the sources.
  4. What are this source's weaknesses?
  5. What are this source's strengths?
  6. Would you use this source to support your argument? Why or why not?

Critical Appraisal Tools