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Information Literacy and the Social Work Researcher: Home


Welcome to The University of Texas at Arlington, and the School of Social Work.  This guide is designed to help you with Scholarship is a conversationresearch and writing in the field of social work.  Through searching techniques, and exploration, you will have the tools necessary to become part of the scholarly conversation.  By becoming a part of the scholarly conversation, not only are you making a commitment to social work by contributing to the discipline, you are also broadening your own knowledge and the knowledge of others.  By broadening your base, you can network to take your scholarship to the next level, and collaborate with others in your field to keep the conversation going.  


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Elle Covington


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Janet Burka

Why Are We Researching.....?

How to improve.........Research

  • The practice of social work
  • The lives of our clients
  • Social policies

What drives us........

  • The problems facing social workers
  • Developing Interventions
  • Contributing to the discipline of social work